Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Welcome to the Island of Sodor...

It was a beautiful day on the Island of Sodor...
Growing up, my father worked for Burlington Northern Railroad, so trains were a part of my life. But the trains I saw were powerful diesels, not the prototypical steam engines of movies. This was even true with the trains sets my brother and I had as youths.

Even though I had an interest in trains as a child, I was completely unaware of the Reverend Priest Wilbert Audry's Railway Series books.

As I became an adult and had my first child, I was aware of Shining Time Station, which stared Thomas the Tank Engine, but I hated it. I thought Shining Time Station was ridiculous and lumped Thomas the Tank Engine in with that ridiculousness. Thankfully, my daughter did not think too much of it either. I had no idea that they were actually 2 different entities in most of the world.

18 years later, I had a son. When trying to find him a baby toothbrush when he was 18 months old, all I could find was a Thomas the Tank Engine toothbrush to my dismay. So I bought it for him and thought nothing more about it. Apparently at Christmas he also had received a Thomas and Friends DVD, "Calling All Engines". 

One day my son asked to watch it and he was hooked instantly. I watched the film with him many times and found it quite enjoyable. Through Netflix I found more of the movies and episodes for him to watch too. In time we got him a Train Table and some of the Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway Talking Engines too.

In time, watching all of these episodes, I noticed what I perceived as racism against the diesel engines. It seemed that the "Steamies" as the steam engines were called, had envy of the more modern, more powerful diesels. As such, they put them down, talked badly about them, and told other Steamies not to visit where they lived. 

I posted some of my reviews with a pro-diesel slant on my original blog, "Orthodox Ecclesiology and the World", but some people did not like them being there, so I have started a new blog to only do my pro-diesels reviews of the Thomas and Friends movies and TV episodes. I hope you enjoy the ride, it should be fun!

All aboard!