Saturday, March 16, 2013

Don't buy off-brand Wooden Railways!

Earlier, I told of the beginning of my introduction to Thomas and Friends. Now, let me speak of my introduction to the Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway system. Due to costs, we bought an off-brand Train Table that came with tracks and trains and then bought my son a Battery-Operated Percy, with the idea to eventually buy other Steamies and Diesels and Destinations.

What a mistake!

Percy kept falling off the tracks to my son’s dismay. In reading many reviews I saw many parent warn the same thing. Non-Thomas track is inferior and the trains will fall off. In time we got more track, this time Thomas track, and found how much superior this track was. The track fits together tight, the trains don’t fall off, and it holds up to abuse better. (Not to mention that it looks better, looking more like real railway track!)

So, if you are a beginner with Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway, I urge you to start small, and get the right track and trains from the beginning and not deal with the frustration your child will experience when the train just doesn't work right!

I recommend starting with Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway - Coal Hopper Figure 8 Set the and adding the Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway - Figure 8 Expansion Pack and/or Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway - Deluxe Figure 8 Expansion Track Pack to it.

You will thank yourself and avoid lots of frustration!