Friday, February 21, 2014

'Arry and Bert Finally Get a Thomas Wooden Railway Ironworks!

Finally, the Thomas Wooden Railway has the Ironworks! As you can see in the image to the left, in 2014 a Lights & Sounds Ironworks will be available for the Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway. There is a piece of scrap iron that can go in to a Troublesome Truck, a light-up smelting pot of smelted iron and track This looks like a must-buy piece for Diesel fans who have the Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway. The lights and sounds aspect should make it an attention-grabbing piece and give it lots of play value on your Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Table.

Ever since the Smelting Yard with Oliver was recalled as part of the 2007 Chinese Lead Paint Crisis, there has not been anything (outside of the iron smelting part of the Dieselworks set with Diesel 10 and Percy) that could represent the ever-important Ironworks until now.

'Arry and Bert are sold separately, as are Troublesome Trucks, but that should keep this set affordable.

UPDATE: The Lights & Sounds Iron Works is now available from with FREE SHIPPING!