Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Results of our Poll Asking, "Who is Your Favorite Diesel Engine?"

Thank you to everyone who voted! In the end, it was not even close! BoCo (D2) was the most popular diesel engine on the Island of Sodor,a ccording to our poll. He had 23% of the vote with 76 votes from the 325 who participated in this poll.

Second place was pretty dominating as well, with Diesel 10 (D10) receiving 13% of the vote at 45 votes. After this, it was much closer.

Third place was Daisy (D1), with 35 votes for 10%. All other engines had percentages in the single digits. although 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th place were very close to 3rd place. Full rankings are as follows:
  1. BoCo (D2) 23% (76 votes)
  2. Diesel Ten (D10) 13% (45 votes)
  3. Daisy (D1) 10% (35 votes)
  4. Paxton 9% (30 votes)
  5. Diesel 8% (28 votes)
  6. Bear (D3) 7% (25 votes)
  7. Rusty (NG5) 7% (24 votes)
  8. Mavis (FCQ) 5% (18 votes)
  9. Salty (D2991) 4% (16 votes)
  10. Bowler/The Diesel (D261)1% (5 votes)
  11. Derek 1% (4 votes)
  12. Sidney 1% (4 votes)
  13. Spamcan/Old Reliable (D199) 1% (3 votes)
  14. Dennis (D11001) 1% (3 votes)
  15. Norman 1% (3 votes)
  16. 'Arry 1% (3 votes)
  17. Bert 0% (1 vote)
  18. Splatter 0% (1 vote)
  19. Den 0% (1 vote)
  20. Dart 0% (0 votes)
  21. Dodge 0% (0 votes)
Absolutely no love for Dart and Dodge and not much love for their compatriots, Den and Splatter. Surprisingly 'Arry and Bert did not get much love either.

Paxton, one of the newest diesels has obviously found a place in viewers' hearts, as he ranks high up among some of the oldest diesels in BoCo, Daisy, Diesel, and Bear. Unsurprisingly, mainstays of the TV show,m Mavis and Salty ranked high, as did the one narrow gauge engine, Rusty.

While at Days Out With Thomas events, I have noticed that Diesel 10 is a perennial favorite of adults and children alike, so his ranking high did not surprise me, but Bowler, being in the top 10 diesels with Spamcan not far away did surprise me a lot.

Obviously, HIT Entertainment should focus on bringing back the Three Famous Diesels, Daisy (D1), BoCo (D2), and Bear (D3) along with other old favorites instead of constantly introducing new engines.