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Day of the Diesels ☁☁☁☁☁

Pros: The songs, the story, a Diesel based movie, development of the Sodor Search and Rescue Center & Victor, introduction of so many great characters.
Cons: Sir Topham Hatt's treatment of the Diesels vs. Steamies.

On the Island of Sodor it had been a long, hot summer. Thomas was chuffing along as the skies turned black. Up ahead there was a fire on a farm!

Thomas pulled up to the fire to see Percy offering his water from his boiler to help put out the fire, and at Percy’s pleading, Thomas did the same.

Suddenly, they heard a bell, and out of the smoke, steamed a new big, blue engine, Belle. Sir Topham Hatt asked Belle to buffer us, as they needed her water. She shot water from 2 spouts on top of her tank. This was far more efficient. Belle, Thomas, and Percy made pleasantries as the fire went out. Sir Topham Hatt congratulated them all.

Thomas decided that he and Percy would shunt Belle to the wash down after Belle ran out of water. Percy deferred to his best friend Thomas, even though Percy was late for his mail cars and did not have extra time. 

Later at the Steamworks, Sir Topham Hatt congratulated Belle again. She was a heroine. Belle suggested that Flynn the Fire Engine should come to Sodor, as he was a real fire engine and a hero. Hatt agreed, as he had said that Belle could not fight fires alone. He told Thomas to show Belle around Sodor and implored Percy to get to the mail cars, which were now very late. Kevin was excited to meet Belle, since he had never met a hero before. Belle told Kevin that Sodor engines were all heroes to her.

The next morning Belle met Thomas at Tidmouth Sheds. Thomas took off and ignored Percy saying “Good Morning” to him. All the engines liked Belle, even Cranky at Brendam Docks liked her and offered to help her at any time. However, Cranky denied Percy’s request for help with his mail cars. Diesel laughed at Cranky.

Later at Knapford Station, Belle wanted to talk to Percy about his mail cars, but Thomas rushed her off. Diesel saw Percy’s distress and felt bad for Percy.

Later that day at the Steamworks Diesel saw Percy alone and asked if he was ok. He noted that while Percy was busy, Thomas was busier with Belle. Belle saw Diesel asked if the Diesels had someplace as grand as the Steamworks. Diesel replied that they had the Dieselworks but it was nothing like this place.

Thomas told Belle that Sodor Steamies do not go to the Dieselworks. It is dark, dirty, and full of Diesels, which can be devious. Diesel was disgusted by the racism against Diesels, so he bid Percy adieu. Thomas and Belle whooshed away.

The next day at Wellsworth Station, Diesel saw Percy again. Diesel smiled at Percy and told Percy that he should find a new best friend who has time for him. Percy asked Diesel is he wanted to deliver the mail with him. Diesel said he would like to, but his friends were waiting for him at the Dieselworks. Percy was sad that Thomas was not waiting for him.

One day later, at Brendam Docks, Percy has given the hose for Flynn the Fire Engine and told to deliver it to the Sodor Search and Rescue Center. Diesel oiled up and told Percy that this was one more friend for Thomas to spend his time with. That meant less time with Percy. Percy wanted to argue with him, but he knew Diesel was right.

Diesel told him that last night, he told his friend about Percy. Diesel’s friend told Diesel to invite Percy to the Dieselworks. He would be a very special visitor and would have plenty of time for him and would listen to him.

Thomas and Belle chuffed up, so Diesel slid away. Percy invited them to join him, but they rejected his offer, as they had something to do together. Percy was cross. He had been ignored and had his requests denied for almost a week!

At a junction, Percy stopped and though about what Diesel said and Thomas’ racist comments against Diesels. He decided to ignore what Thomas said, and instead of going right to the Sodor Search and Rescue Center, he would go left to the Dieselworks.

Percy arrived at the Dieselworks. He remembered what Thomas said, but again ignored it, and decided to be with someone who had time for him. Percy had never seen anything like the Dieselworks before. It was nothing like the Steamworks. Percy felt special and brave.

As he pulled up, a shape came out of the shadows. It was Diesel 10. Diesel greeted him with a smile and said it was an honor to have Percy visit. Diesel 10 said Diesel had been telling him all about Percy. Diesel 10 said Percy was a special engine. Thomas did not think Percy was special anymore, so Percy followed Diesel 10 in to the main building.

Once inside, Percy saw Diesel 10, Diesel, ‘Arry and Bert, Diesel 10 said they were happy to have them even though the Steamworks was not grand like the Steamies’ Steamworks. Then Den and Dart, 2 diesel engines he had never met before, oiled up and introduced themselves. Dart told Percy a joke, so Percy told one to the Diesels. All the Diesels left, including Paxton who pulled up next to Percy and Sidney who was elevated in the air to be repaired, but Diesel 10 laughed the loudest.

Diesel 10 was glad that Percy was there with them. He asked Percy to tell them all about himself. Diesel 10 told Percy that his job pulling the mail cars was very important. Percy realized he needed to take the hose to the Sodor Search & Rescue Center. Diesel 10 told Dart to take care of it for Percy. Diesel 10 agreed that it was a very important parcel.

Suddenly, Mavis pulled up, being shunted by Salty. She needed repaired and was happy yet surprised to see Percy. Salty told Percy that Den fixes them all, even though the Dieselworks was old, broken down, and shoddy. Percy said that they should ask Sir Topham Hatt for a new Dieselworks. Diesel 10 told him that they had, many times, but Hatt doesn't listen to Diesels, he only listens to Steamies.

Percy had an idea. He would tell Thomas to ask Sir Topham Hatt to do this, because he always listened to Thomas. He would help his friends. Diesel 10 was pleased and thanked Percy for his kind idea. Percy shunted off quickly to find Thomas. Diesel 10 asked him to come back soon, that he would be waiting for him.

At Brendam Docks, Flynn had just arrived. Cranky was curious said that he had never seen a fire engine that could drive on roads and on rail before. At the Dieselworks, Percy tried to talk to Thomas, but Sir Topham Hatt chastised Percy for being late to meet Flynn. Thomas told Percy that he was going to show Flynn around the island. Percy left and was alone at Tidmouth Sheds. Since nobody noticed him here, he decided that in the morning, he would go to the Dieselworks where Diesel 10 took notice of him and would be pleased to see him.

Early the next day Percy went to the Dieselworks. Diesel 10 was pleased to see Percy. He asked if Percy did as he said he would do. Percy apologized for not doing what he said he would do when he left. Pinchy, Diesel 10’s claw clenched. Dart crashed in to their broken crane, Happy Hook, and complained about it always being in the way and not working. Den told Dart to slow down. Dart complained that they had asked for a new crane many times, and still just have a broken crane that always in the way. Diesel 10 told everyone to be quiet. Everyone complied.

Percy agreed with Dart. He said that Victor always says that you can’t fix an engine without a hook. Mavis told Percy that Victor was right. Diesel 10 was sad, he told Percy that now he sees how much trouble the Diesels have. The Steamies have Kevin, but the Diesel have nothing, and that is not fair!

Percy chuffed to the Steamworks. He told Kevin about going to the Dieselworks and how they do not have a crane. Kevin was shocked and dropped the items on the pallet he was carrying; he said Percy should not have gone there. Victor chastised Kevin for dropping train parts. Percy told him how nice the Diesels were. Then Kevin repeated what Victor said about engines repair and cranes. 

Percy had an idea, he told Kevin he should go to the Dieselworks and that Diesel 10 would call him a hero! Kevin said he had never been called a hero before. He would like to be considered a hero.
Thomas pulled up and told Percy he had been looking for him all day. He had gone to get the hose from the Sodor Search and Rescue Center, but it was not there. Percy tried to talk to Thomas, but Thomas would not listen. Kevin told Percy, he thought about it and would like to go to the Dieselworks, but he did not know where it was. 

Percy looked all around Sodor for the hose. Rocky asked if he could help, but Percy said he did not need help. At night he went to Tidmouth Sheds and was surprised to the Flynn in his berth. Flynn told him that Thomas said he could stay there… …until Percy came back, of course. Percy told Flynn he was busy and left.

At the Steamworks, Victor was sleeping while Kevin cleaned up. Percy pulled up and offered to take Kevin to the Dieselworks. Kevin got on a flatbed and Percy quietly took him to the Dieselworks. Diesel 10 was delighted. He said they were very honored and that Kevin was a hero. Den and Dart introduced themselves. Diesel 10 told Percy that he was very pleased with him for bringing Kevin to them.

Diesel 10 asked about Percy’s promise to talk to Thomas. He knew that Diesel 10 would be cross. Percy apologized, saying that Thomas had no time to talk to anyone. Diesel 10 suggested he bring Thomas to them instead. That way they would have Thomas’ full attention. Percy agreed that this was a good idea, but was afraid that Thomas would not want to come.

The next morning, Percy went to Knapford Station where the other Steamies were surprised. They asked where he was and told him that Thomas was worried and looking for him. Percy puffed proudly, stating that he was with his friends. When Thomas said they were his friends, Percy said, no… …my new friends, the Diesels. All the assembled Steamies, Thomas, Henry, Toby, Emily, and Stanley were shocked.

Gordon pulled up and announced that Kevin was missing. Percy told them than he was being very useful at the Dieselworks. Thomas told Percy he needed to go tell Victor… now.
Kevin was having fun with Happy Hook at the Dieselworks. Diesel 10 told him there was a lot that needed to be done, so they did not have time for games and to please move the garbage. Kevin agreed.

At the Steamworks, suddenly everyone was listening to Percy. He told them about how unfair it was that the Dieselworks was dilapidated and they needed Kevin. Victor said that he needed Kevin.
Thomas still was not listening, but just looking at Flynn, so Percy made a decision and told Victor that he knew he wanted Kevin back, so Thomas must go to the Steamworks to collect Kevin. That way he could finally do what he had been promising Diesel 10 for over a week now!

Victor took off to go tell Sir Topham Hatt about all that occurred. Percy went to the Dieselworks. At the Dieselworks, Diesel 10 smiled his biggest smile yet. Kevin was being very useful, Thomas was going to come to the Dieselworks, and since Victor was gone, they were going to take over the Steamworks so that Sir Topham Hatt might finally listen to them. Percy would lead them and be their hero!

Percy asked about Thomas. Pinchy clanked. Diesel 10 said that Thomas and Kevin would wait at the Dieselworks until they sent for them. Then, Thomas arrived. Diesel 10 welcomed him, stating that it had been a very long time that they had been waiting for him. Den and Dart introduced themselves and took Thomas to the back shed. Kevin, Den, and Dart were going to take care of Thomas.

Pinchy clanked, sparks flew. Diesel 10 asked is Percy was ready to be a hero. Percy confirmed he was ready. He felt grander than Gordon and more special than Spencer. As Den and Dart took Thomas to the back shed, he called out for Percy, but Percy was already gone. He was leading the charge of the Diesels: Diesel 10, Diesel, ‘Arry, Bert, Paxton, and Norman. They thundered through Henry’s tunnel as they raced to the Steamworks.

The Steamworks was quiet and calm. Percy was proud. He wanted Diesel 10 to cheer and clap. But Diesel was too busy looking around. He got overzealous and announced the Steamworks was all theirs. Diesel 10 got a little too excited and said they would not give it back. Percy told him he must give it back, so Diesel 10 told him no and called him a “Silly Steamy”.

Percy asked about Thomas. Diesel 10 said Thomas was theirs too. Percy felt less special. It was his fault that the Diesel had taken over the Steamworks and Thomas was stuck at the Dieselworks. He decided to go get Thomas. On the way back to the Dieselworks, he thought about it and agreed that he had been a Silly Steamy. Shortly after he arrived, he saw a fire in the main shed.

RACISM ALERT: The movie makes it appear that this was due to sparks from Pinchy, Diesel 10’s claw, but the book shows it was from Percy braking very hard after going too fast!

Percy knew he needed to save the Dieselworks, so he headed to the Sodor Search and Rescue Center. Flynn and Belle were ready to help, but Flynn did not have his hose. Percy figured it must still be at the Dieselworks. Maybe Diesel 10 kept it there because they had nothing at the Dieselworks.

Once the 3 engines got back to the Dieselworks, they whooshed to the back shed, where Den. Dart, Thomas, and Kevin were. Kevin had been loaded on a flatbed and connected to Thomas so that they would be ready when Diesel 10 called for them to come to the Steamworks. Percy asked where the hose was, Den was not sure, but when Percy told them it was an emergency, Dart told him Den did not know what he was talking about, but that it was around back with the garbage. Belle and Flynn went to get the hose.

Percy demanded that they let Thomas go. When Den and Dart refused until Diesel 10 ordered them to do so, Percy told then that the main shed was on fire. So Den and Dart decided to let them go. Kevin was scared because of the fire, but Flynn told him not to fear as he and Belle would put the fire out. That was exactly what they did.

Percy asked Thomas to help him take the Steamworks back. Thomas said he would, but first they needed to gather their friends first. Percy thanked Flynn & Belle, then they were off to gather the Steam Team.

At the Steamworks, the Diesels were having a party, hooting and honking. It was so nice to be in modern, clean Works. Diesel 10 was whirring on the round-table  Diesel 10 said the Steamworks was theirs now. Thomas said that it was not, it was theirs. Pinchy clanked. Diesel 10 was cross. Percy said he knows they want it, but taking it was not right. Diesel 10 tricked him, but they will not trick him.

Pinchy clanked. Diesel 10 asked how they will help the Diesels. Percy said Thomas will talk to Sir Topham Hatt. Thomas said he will tell Hatt that they need a new Dieselworks. Just then, Sir Topham Hatt arrived with his 2 guards. He was cross and asked Diesel 10 what he thought he was doing. Hatt told him he will do what Hatt says when Hatt says it. Hatt said he caused confusion and delay and because of him none of his engines are being really useful. Hatt told him that Diesel 10 must put everything right. Diesel 10 realized he had been overzealous in his pursuit for a better home for the Diesels. He was speechless and embarrassed.

Percy spoke up and told Sir Topham Hatt that Diesel 10 is sad because the Dieselworks is old and dirty. Thomas added it is oily and noisy. Kevin added that it does not even have a crane! Percy said that is why Diesel 10 was bad. Thomas asked for Hatt to please make a new Dieselworks.
Called out on his neglect of the Diesels, Sir Topham Hatt said that of course the Diesels would get a new Dieselworks. He explained that things take time and they would just have to wait their turn. He told Diesel 10 that it would be well worth the wait. Diesel 10 smiled.

The Steamies and the Diesels worked together for many days to rebuild the Dieselworks. Thomas and Percy worked side by side; Henry and Edward pushed and pulled heavy loads; Gordon and Emily worked in the yard; Den and Dart had never worked so long or hard before. Finally, the Dieselworks was finished. It was grand! Even Happy Hook was fixed!

The, Sir Topham Hatt arrived. He smiled from ear to ear. The engines hushed. He said that the new Dieselworks is a very special building. Not just because it is new, not just because it is grand, but because it shows what can happen when Really Useful Engines work together.

Hatt told the engines that they must all know that none of his engines are ever forgotten, that they are all special, and that he is proud of them all. The Steamies and Diesels honked and hooted in agreement. Diesel 10 smiled.

Cue the Day of the Diesels music video. Great stuff!
Once upon a time, not so very long ago
There was a little trouble going on
The Diesels made the Steamies pretty mad
And none of them could even get along 
There they go, heading for the Steamworks
Honking horns, listen to the rolling thunder, rolling thunder
Day of the Diesels
'Arry, Bert, Paxton, Diesel, and Den
Day of the Diesels
Norman, Dart, and Diesel 10 
Percy thought he didn't have a friend in the world
How very, very wrong could he be
With a friend like Thomas rolling by his side
He couldn't be in better company 
There they go, heading for the Steamworks
Whistles blow, listen to the rolling thunder
Day of the Diesels
'Arry, Bert, Paxton, Diesel, and Den
Day of the Diesels
Norman, Dart, and Diesel 10
Day of the Diesels 
'Arry, Bert, Paxton, Diesel, and Den
Day of the Diesels
Norman, Dart, and Diesel 10 
Thomas and Percy, Gordon and Henry
Fiery Flynn, He roars to the rescue
James and Edward, Toby and Emily
Don't forget Belle, big, brave, and bright blue
Rolling thunder, Rolling thunder 
With the Dieselworks all cinders and ashes
there’s only one thing to do
put aside your worries and just pull together
it’s the only way to get through.
There they go, building it together, building it together
Dieselworks rising from the rolling thunder, rolling thunder 
Day of the Diesels, yeah, yeah, yeah
'Arry, Bert, Paxton, Diesel, and Den
Day of the Diesels, whoo, whoo
Norman, Dart, and Diesel 10 
Day of the Diesels
'Arry and Bert, Paxton, Diesel, and Den
Day of the Diesels, yeah, yeah, yeah
Norman, Dart, and Diesel 10 
Day of the Diesels
The end.

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  1. Nice review, what Thomas things did your boy get for Christmas?

  2. Thanks. He got the DieselWorks, Mavis and the Fuel Car, Diesel and the Fuel Depot, Splatter, Dodge, 'Arry & Bert, Den, Dart, Norman, Paxton, Jack, Butch, Harold, Hiro, George,.and Sir Topham Hatt in his blue car, all for the Wooden Railway system!