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Misty Island Rescue ☁☁☁☁

Pros: The songs, the story, introduction of the Sodor Search and Rescue Center, return of Diesel 10, further development of Hiro.
Cons: The Logging Locos (all 3 of them) are horrible characters, racism against Diesels.

The Island of Sodor is a world of wonder. There was great excitement on the island. A new search and rescue center was being built. Harold had just rescued a climber.

Jobi wood was going to be brought in to Brendam Docks for building the Sodor Search & Rescue Center All the Steam Team engines were getting supplies for building the new center. Thomas was sent to take the hiker to Knapford Station then he was to go meet Percy. Thomas and Percy wondered which engine would pull the Jobi logs to the SSRC.
Later, all the engines were at the docks with Thomas and Percy. Hiro told them that Jobi is the strongest wood in the world and it comes from his Island of Japan. Sir Topham Hatt announced that the most “Really Useful Engine” would get to take the Jobi logs to the Sodor Search & Rescue Center. The engines puffed away to do their jobs.
Thomas said that every day he was a very useful engine and he wanted to pull the Jobi logs. Diesel oiled up and asked Thomas what about him. Diesel was always a Really Useful Engine too. Thomas told Diesel that Sir Topham Hatt meant a really useful Steamy, and that Diesel would never be that. Then Thomas steamed away.
Diesel was cross. He was tired of steam engines always calling diesel engines dirty and not special. Diesel decided he would show the racist Steamies that Diesels can be special engines too. 

Diesel decided to take the Jobi logs to show how special he was and how he was a Really Useful Engine. Diesels are no good, Steamies always say, thought Diesel. He would show them how special he was, by the end of the day.
Thomas saw Diesel shunting the Jobi wood. He yelled at Diesel to stop and made chase. Diesel saw and heard Thomas, but he was not going to listen. Diesel went faster to get away from the Steamy that was chasing him down. Diesel went faster and faster to get away. Thomas said he would puff ahead of him, so Diesel went even faster. Thomas got stuck at a red signal and was delayed in chasing the really useful Diesel.
Diesel kept going as fast as he could. Then there was trouble! He went as fast as he could and went over the hill and around the bend, to find that the bridge was not completed! (5 broken bridges in 5 movies!) He skidded to a stop, but too late! He slowly lost each car of Jobi wood, one car at a time, as the hung over the broken track ahead. Eventually he lost them all, and was hanging over the edge of the broken track at the broken bridge. Jobi wood, being a very special wood, did not break when it hit the rocks below the very high cliff, and sunk when it landed in the water!
Thomas pulled up and asked Diesel what he should do. Diesel did not know. He was hanging half on and half off the track! Thomas pulled up and coupled up to Diesel and pulled him back to safety. Thomas congratulated himself and Diesel thanked Thomas.
That night Thomas told the story at Tidmouth Sheds. Sir Topham Hatt congratulated Thomas on his decision to save Diesel. The SSRC would be delayed, so Sir Topham Hatt was cross. As a reward for saving Diesel, Sir Topham Hatt would be sending Thomas to the Search and Rescue Center on the mainland (England).
The next day after the ship was loaded, Spencer was loaded on. Salty the diesel engine told a story about Misty Island at the urging of Percy. He said that there were weird engines there and many mysteries. Edward recalled seeing the Island a long time ago. Salty told about the time that there was a lost engine that was only found after he puffed 3 puffs 3 times. Diesel arrived, thanked Thomas again, said goodbye and wished Thomas good luck. Thomas just smiled, but said nothing. Diesel went back to work.

There was no room left for Thomas, but at Thomas’ insistence, he was loaded on to an unsafe rail raft connected by a very rusty chain. Thomas said that Sir Topham Hatt told him he makes good decisions, so this decision had to be good too. Percy the Small Engine was worried, but Thomas the Tank Engine wrongly and arrogantly thought all of his decisions were infallible now.
Thomas was far out to sea, darkness and the mist fell. Thomas could not see anything, but it did hear the chains break! He cried for help, but nobody could hear him, not even Spencer. Thomas floated away and fell asleep. In the morning his rail-raft crashed into a railway at the shore of an island! It was very misty and no trains could be found, so he looked for a dock.

Thomas heard the sound of rails on rusty tracks and called out, but nobody answered. Next, he was showered by small stones, but he saw no engine anywhere. He heard a low steam whistle and got scared. He chuffed faster and come to 3 very strange engines that did not look friendly.

Thomas introduced himself. The trains introduced themselves and let him know that he was on Misty Island. They were exiled from the mainland for being too wild and too naughty. Bash would start a sentence, Dash would finish it, and then Ferdinand would say, “That’s right!”
Thomas thought these Logging Locos were strange, so he rejected their offer to play and he left them to look for a way to Sodor on his own. He thought all of his decisions were right, including this one.
Back on the Island of Sodor, Sir Topham Hatt got the call that Thomas had been lost at sea. He was sad. Harold the helicopter flew all over Sodor looking for Thomas with no luck. Sir Topham Hatt rode on Captain the boat and they searched the seas.
The next morning, Thomas awoke and realized he was lost, alone, and had no idea how to get home. He decided to go back and ask the Logging Locos, but he was lost. Eventually he found a river and decided to follow it to find them thinking they needed water, so a river would go to them. He ended up at an abandoned logging station and soon found the 3 trains. Thomas shouted a hello to them.
The Logging Locos were cross. They said hello to him yesterday, but he did not want to play. They told Thomas they were too busy loading logs. Thomas was shocked, they were Jobi logs! He apologized and then told the Locos about the Sodor Search and Rescue Center and how they needed Jobi Logs. Unfortunately for Thomas, these 3 engines were Really Non-Useful Engines!
On Sodor, Sir Topham Hatt told all the engines to look for Thomas since neither Harold nor Captain could find Thomas.
At the logging station, Thomas told Bash, Dash, & Ferdinand that they needed to work faster. He told them that he makes good decisions all the time. The Logging Locos just laughed and went away to do their work.

On Sodor, Sir Topham Hatt visited Whiff the Garbage Shunting Steam Engine, to get his help in finding Thomas. Whiff told him about the tunnel to Misty Island that was never used. They used it for garbage instead. Sir Topham Hatt had no time to listen.
On Misty Island, the Logging Locos told Thomas that they were low on oil, so they could not work fast. Thomas was surprised. They were Steamies, why would they need oil? The Locos explained that instead of burning coal to make steam, they used oil and logs. These engines were strange indeed! Thomas told them he makes good decisions and he is sure that they have enough oil. He wanted the logs to be loaded quickly for the SSRC.
The Logging Locos crossed a very unsafe wobbly bridge. Thomas said they should not use the bridge because it was unsafe. The Locos laughed at him and told him it was the only way to go, so Thomas used the unsafe bridge.
Thomas would not use the log loading crane, Old Wheezy, as he threw logs haphazardly rather than being an efficient loader, instead he told the Logging Locos to use Hee-Haw, the oil burning crane, as it would load logs much more efficiently. This used up all of the remaining oil that Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand had.

Sir Topham Hatt was out in the ocean with Captain. They were calling for Thomas.
The Logging Locos told Thomas that now that they were loaded they could wait for the ship or take the tunnel to Sodor. However, the tunnel was dangerous, the Locos claimed. Thomas made the decision to take the tunnel. The Locos laughed at Thomas and mocked his arrogance. The Locos told Thomas that they did not have enough oil, but Thomas insisted that they did. The locos still followed Thomas’ lead.
Once they entered the tunnel, it collapsed in front of them and then behind them. The trains together bashed in to the rocks blocking their way. Nothing happened except that Bash, Dash, and Ferdinand ran out of oil. Thomas realized that all of his decisions on Misty Island had been wrong after all. Thomas apologized, and the Logging Locos told him nobody can be right all the time.
At Brendam Docks, Percy stared sadly out to sea. He begged Cranky to look for Thomas. There was no sign. Salty told Percy there was nothing to see with all the mist.
On Misty Island the tunnel started to cave in more and an opening in the rock appeared above them. Ferdinand felt fresh air. Bash and Dash told Thomas to pull up and puff 3 puffs of steam 3 times and that someone would see it.
Suddenly, the mist started to lift. Percy, Cranky, and Salty saw Misty Island with 3 puffs of steam rising from the island again! Percy raced off to get Sir Topham Hatt. Hatt came along with the other engines and they all saw 3 puffs of steam rising. Hatt ordered Edward, James, and Gordon to board a ship with him and to go to rescue Thomas. Percy suggested the old tunnel. Hatt ordered Percy to meet up with Whiff and to take the tunnel to try to make it to Misty Island as well.
As the ship with Sir Topham Hatt and the 3 engines headed to Misty Island they saw a 3rd burst of 3 steam clouds. At the tunnel, Whiff and Percy heard Thomas. They had Thomas back up, and they crashed and smashed through to Thomas and the Logging Locos.
On Misty Island, James, Gordon, and Edward arrived as the mist started coming down. Sir Topham Hatt said they would not stop until they found Thomas.
Whiff took the lead and pulled out the engines to the Sodor Search and Rescue Center where they met the rest of the Steam Team. The Steam Team told Thomas that the others were on Misty Island. Harold arrived and told them that the steamship had returned and the mist had lowered, so there was no way for him to go share the news that he had been found.
Thomas decided to go back through the tunnel and find the rescue team and being them home. The rest of the Steam Team took the Logging Locos to the Steamworks to be fixed, cleaned up, and repainted. Victor greeted them. They liked Kevin, especially when he crashed.
Sir Topham Hatt was so happy when Thomas found them. Hatt threw his hat in to the misty air, losing it. The rescue trains followed Thomas back to the SSRC where they met the Logging Locos. All the engines helped bring Jobi wood to build the Sodor Search and Rescue Center.
At the opening of the SSRC, Hatt made an official welcome to their new friends, Bash, Dash & Ferdinand, calling them Really Useful Engines.
Cue Misty Island Rescue music video. Good stuff!
Misty Island Rescue, here we goMisty Island Rescue, here we gowith boilers all a-bubblingthe engines are a-comingMisty Island Rescue, here we go 
Searching through the tunnels one by onesearching through the tunnels one by oneWhiff and Percy huntingwith pistons all a-pumpingSearching through the tunnels one by one 
Bash, Dash, Ferdinandthey’re the Logging Locosalways there to lend a handThomas has to make amendsso he needs his brand new friends...todayHelp in every way! 
Edward, James and Gordon on the wayEdward, James and Gordon on the waySteaming across the oceanthe rescue is in motionEdward, James and Gordon on the way 
Bash, Dash, Ferdinandthey’re the Logging Locosalways there to lend a handThomas has to make amendsso he needs his brand new friends...todayHelp in every way! 
Misty Island Rescue, here we goMisty Island Rescue, here we gowith boilers all a-bubblingthe engines are a-comingMisty Island Rescue, here we go 
Misty Island Rescue, here we goMisty Island Rescue, here we goMisty Island Rescue, here we go!
Up above them, Diesel 10 looked down and laughed. These joking engines that were not very useful were being called Really Useful Engines just because they were Steamies. Diesel 10 was tired of the racism against diesel engines. He said those silly Steamies would soon be laughing on the other side of their boilers soon.
The end.

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