Wednesday, November 7, 2012

If I were Sir Topham Hatt...

If I were to replace Sir Topham Hatt, I would repaint the trains and make sure that they all had proper numbers, including the Diesels. 

  1. I would make Thomas the Tank Engine orange with black detailing to match Annie and Clarabel.
  2. I would paint Edward the Blue Engine steel grey to match the freight cars he pulls.
  3. I would paint Henry the Green Engine blue and make sure The Flying Kipper was also blue, a proper color for fish.
  4. I would paint Gordon the Big Engine yellow and green or yellow and red, whatever color The Express is today, make him match that scheme.
  5. I would paint James the Red Engine black to match the Troublesome Trucks including The Spiteful Caboose that I would make him pull. That might kill his extreme vanity and racism.
  6. I would paint Percy the Small Engine bright red to match The Mail Cars and give him a red caboose.
  7. Toby the Tram Engine would stay brown and pull a brown HenriettaVictoria, Helena, & Elsie the Caboose.
  8. Emily the Sterling Engine could stay Emerald green since her coaches already match her, but I would make her the new #8 since Duck (Montague) the Great Western Engine, the previous green #8, is A.W.O.L. for the last many years.
  9. Belle the Fire Engine would be dark red, the same color as Rocky and she could pull him around all day too.
Why would I replace Sir Topham Hatt? Because he likely will one day be jailed! ;-)